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Updated: Jul 24

Hello everyone, this is an important update to our current status and COVID-19 related information.

From Monday 8th June we are going to begin a PHASE 1 of our visiting times, with of course stringent and practical new rules in place. The visual guide will help with this but the new Phase will look like this:

  • To visit your family member/friend, you will need to BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

  • All visits will be limited to 30 MINUTES ONLY

  • Only ONE visitor at a time

  • PPE MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES, and will be provided

  • Area of visiting will be ALLOCATED

  • NO TOUCHING and gifts/items must only be given to staff

  • You ABSOLUTELY must NOT HAVE SYMPTOMS and we will be checking your TEMPERATURE

  • We will be THERE ALL THE WAY

We have specific times that you can visit, to minimise any disruption, observe infection control and of course to ensure our staff are there to support everyone. There will not be any visiting times at the weekend at this time. We realise this won't suit everyone but since it's a phased return we have to start somewhere.

We are incredibly proud that we have kept our residents well and healthy during this unprecedented times and we have appreciated your support and encouragement, so we know we can rely on your support in observing this 'new normal'.

If you have any queries at all please don't hesitate to call Rosevilla on 01925 228637 and speak to a member of staff or, if you prefer, you can ask to speak to our managers, Jess and Tara.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to being together in the near future.


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