An outline of what we do.

At the heart of all we do here at Rosevilla, is the resident and what they need to allow them to be themselves. An individual, with individual needs and opinions and preferences. Just like in your own home, where you can watch television when you want, eat when you want, walk where you want, we ensure that a care plan is created with the resident’s input. We include the family and friends of that resident and we create something that they are happy with and reflects them.

Working in partnership with residents and their families, we develop a personal care plan based on choice, beliefs, wishes and preferences to help maintain independence and meeting the individual needs, creating goals and achievements to work towards preferred ways of living, with regular reviews to enhance the care provision and meet changing needs. This means, in practical terms, that when we develop a care plan for our residents, we sit down and create a care plan with their input, or if this not possible, with a family member. This way we get to develop relationships with our residents, family members and staff as well as gaining a personal insight into the person that we will be looking after. This basis for care not only gives us and outline of the resident's past and what they enjoy presently, but gives us an idea about how we can help keep residents fulfilled as and as independent as possible whilst living in 24 hour care.

Independence is very much encouraged at Rosevilla, but with the added reassurance that 24-hour support is on-hand as and when required - making life easier, more manageable and reassuring for all.

  • 24-hour care based on individual need and wishes

  • Trained staff with experience and knowledge.

  • Nutritionally based home cooked food prepared in our five-star hygiene rated kitchen

  • Safe, comfortable and homely environment 

  • Fully inclusive laundry and cleaning provision

  • Daily activities and outings to suit you.

  • State of the art nurse call that reassures our resident that help is close by.

Our 24-hour residential care team are highly trained, motivated and are supported by our Care Home Manager and Deputy Manager who continually oversee the smooth running of the home. Two members of our management team live on site, ensuring a level of support and reassurance at all times, for residents and staff alike.

Our team are fully trained to work alongside community nursing and medical professionals to assist with healthcare provision within the home allowing choice and control to our residents for their preferred place of care.


Very often our residents who are suffering with dementia are being cared for by a loved one in their own homes. When it gets too much for both resident and the carer, we are here to support and help you with the difficult transition into being cared for elsewhere. Our team at Rosevilla understand that it can be a bewildering time for both resident and family so we ensure a warm welcome and person-centred care that recognises that the resident is still themselves. We take time to gather all the information we can so that we can care for that person as an individual. We recognise that dementia has its own challenges but we are committed to ensure that our residents can still lead a meaningful and happy life with us. 

How do we ensure we care for those with Dementia as well as Residential clients?

Our home has been adapted and laid out to encourage independence and make life easier for those living with dementia. We have long open corridors so that residents can be encouraged to move freely and specific colour coding in the lounge and dining areas, corridors and bedrooms aids orientation and freedom of movement; the bedroom doors at Rosevilla have a number to aid memory and a recognition of a personal dwelling. They have memory boxes and names to encourage recognition and a sense of belonging. Residents who have dementia can move freely knowing that it is a safe and appropriate environment, with staff close at hand to help if they need it. Staff encourage both our residential clients and dementia clients to interact and socialise in an engaging and supportive way and when a client needs time alone then this is recognised too. There are safety measures in place so that residents will always be accompanied when going outside of Rosevilla.

We have care plans in place to ensure that diet, health and mental wellbeing as well as physical is monitored so that our residents can feel the best they can and should the need arise, have access to medical assistance. All staff are trained to deal with emergencies and by knowing the resident know how to reassure and support that client. 


What is Respite care and is it right for me?

Respite care is a short stay in either residential or dementia care and is designed so that the resident will stay for a short period of time, decided by both you and family members, perhaps to convalesce or give a much needed break to a carer or family member.

Respite stays are created to be flexible and supportive and can be extended at any time.

We offer 24 hr specialist Dementia care as well as residential rooms for respite stays and residents are fully supported and welcomed to feel part of our home. Respite care offers a break from normal routine and can often provide much needed company and interaction for clients who have been living on their own.

Respite residents have access to all activities, social outings and the creation of a personal care plan ensures a tailor made stay so that the resident feels supported and listened to. We recognise that family support is vital and encourage visiting and contact to reassure you at this time, but where the family member may be unwell we do all we can to maintain your relationships, perhaps with a phone call and a visit to reassure you, the resident.

Respite care can be necessary for lots of reasons, you may need some help and support to get better after feeling unwell, your carer or family member may need a break or are ill themselves, or you may feel the need for some company and a little TLC. Whatever the reason we are here to help and if you need any more information call Rosevilla and speak to our Deputy manager or Registered Manager on 01925 228637 and we will be happy to chat about all the options available to you.



In ensuring care needs are met, Rosevilla has arrangements in place to ensure that all health needs of our residents are managed appropriately and in a timely manner. Residents are registered with a local GP that will visit the home for residents who are less mobile. We have access to district nurses and provide us with support with end of life care so residents can remain comfortable at the end stages of their lives. We have opticians and a chiropodist who all visit Rosevilla regularly. All hospital appointments we can catered for with our 7 seat van. Arrangements are made with family member if they wish to use these facilities.