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Guidence on visiting and updates

Good afternoon all, we have an update regarding Covid and the Governments announcement that Warrington will be in a local lockdown after midnight tonight. We have been advised that only essential travel to Rosevilla is advised and so this means that from tonight we will be suspending window visits again. Obviously physical visits are already suspended and this remains the same.

We realise that this is very disappointing and difficult after we so recently have been able to resume window visits but we ask you to please bear with us and be patient as we do what we can to lower the high risk that our area is experiencing.

We hope that by keeping contact to the minimum here at Rosevilla and in our own lives we can help stop the R rate increasing and soon resume the window visits.

We also have a staff member who has tested positive for the virus and, although asymptomatic, we feel that being cautious is the best way forward. We have tested staff and residents again this week but have not received all the results yet so will keep you updated as we know ourselves.

Thank you as always for your support and patience and if you need to speak to us please don’t hesitate to call and speak to our staff, who will be glad to help.

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