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Coronavirus UPDATE

Good afternoon everyone,

We'd like to update you on the current situation at Rosevilla, regarding Coronavirus/Covid19. Firstly we'd like to reassure everyone that we are doing everything we can to keep everyone of our residents and staff as safe and healthy as possible by following our already strict infection control procedures. We gained a report of 99% in our recent infection control audit and we are committed to maintaining stringent hand washing, anti-bacterial routines and cleaning at Rosevilla. However, we have taken the decision to suspend visitors to Rosevilla at this time, to safeguard our vulnerable residents as well as our work force who are continuing to come in and care for your loved ones at this worrying time.

We have not taken this decision lightly and it is not born of panic but a decision we feel that will safeguard our residents. At Christmas time visitors still attended Rosevilla when they were clearly unwell with flu like symptoms so we have taken the decision to suspend visits from friends, family and all non essential visitors to minimise the risk of infection.

Health care professionals and essential visits will be allowed into Rosevilla and they will be expected to wash and sanitise their hands thoroughly before and after contact within Rosevilla. Any other measures necessary for infection control will also be observed.

We realise that it will be difficult for family members and friends not to visit, especially for those who attend very regularly, but there are ways in which you can communicate and we will try all avenues to facilitate this, by phone or FaceTime/skype wherever possible. Please call Rosevilla on 01925228637 and speak to any of our staff who will be glad to help and support you. We will continue where possible to post on our social media so you can be involved that way.

We are monitoring the situation and if things change and we need to update or change our situation we will advise you here as well as on our Facebook page and you can call us at any time for advice as we have it.

We will work hard to do our best for our residents and staff to keep them as healthy as we can and we appreciate your cooperation at this time. Keep safe.

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