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Hello everyone. Well, our last post was in mid March when we were in the midst of the lockdown and things were so uncertain and all we knew was that we had to Stay at home, Stay safe and Save Lives. So much has happened since then and the news about Corona virus has been very worrying for everyone.

We have been really blessed at Rosevilla as we have not had any cases of corona virus and our staff have been incredibly committed to our lovely residents. Our visitors have supported us by staying away, even on Mothers Day and Easter and VE day- all celebrations which would have been fantastic to share together. We thank our friends and families for adhering to our new guidelines as this has surely helped in the fight to keep everyone safe and well. We can confirm that everyone here has been tested and all of them, staff and residents, are negative! We feel very lucky and proud of the work done here to maintain the health and wellbeing of our residents and staff alike. Thank you to all the support we have had during these difficult months.

The following pictures and videos are what life has been like at Rosevilla since March and we have kept things as normal as possible in these strange times. Of course behind the scenes lots of things are going on too and we thank the hard work of all our management team, carers,cooks and housekeeping team- everyone has had to learn to work in a new way and be creative.

In March, with Mothers day on the horizon, we had to initiate a new way of communicating and so Skype and FaceTime have been invaluable- thank goodness technology was able to help us at this time. It meant that families could stay in touch and be reassured that their loved ones were doing well.

Visitors dropped flowers and cards in the porch and messages were relayed to all our Mums living here at Rosevilla.

At Easter time we received fantastic pictures from children at Cobbs Estate school in Warrington, messages of encouragement, jokes and rainbows. Local children on a Facebook page also sent in drawings and creations, as well as friends of Rosevilla. Our residents then made their own messages and sent them back via our Facebook page. We received lots of support and positive feedback from this.

A local charity The River Reeves Foundation, in partnership with Morrisons donated Easter eggs to our staff and a local Facebook group of the surrounding areas of Burtonwood and others, in conjunction with a local councillor also ensured our residents had Easter eggs too.

In the meantime the weather was good to us all and kept the spirits up, at least giving us something to be glad of.

Our Queen sent us a message to uplift the spirits at a time when we needed courage and hope, something lots of our residents know a lot about. She told us 'We will meet again!' Our residents know what she means!

In amongst all this going on Tara Winterburn, who was deputy, passed her interview with CQC (socially distanced of course) and became a REGISTERED MANAGER at Rosevilla, joining the team of Peter Nesarajah and Jessica Bruton. Tara has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team and has already made her mark in this role. We were delighted for her.

We have had clapping at 8pm on a Thursday, for our carers and NHS staff, our residents joining in and showing their appreciation. We are all in this together, in many different ways, but we are all experiencing this strange time.

And then came VE day! We celebrated this with trench soup and banana surprise, with an afternoon tea evacuee style, name tags and buttie bag, songs and dancing. A good time was had by all.

We, and the rest of the country, celebrated and had something to take our minds off the current situation.

We even made our own toilet roll challenge!

Lots of other things have been happening and the Covid situation is evolving every day and we will continue to strive to do our best for our residents here at Rosevilla and make them and our staff feel as safe and secure as we can.

Our Facebook page has regular updates and you can see what life is like and follow our exploits as well as important dates or information.

Thanks for staying until the end!

As always we value the support we receive from our friends, families and professionals. Stay safe everyone.

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