As most of you are aware from 31/01/2022 the government guidance changed. There is now no limit on the number visitors allowed in the care home. Please note that we do have our own policies in place to ensure our residents and staff remain safe.

Before each visit LFT testing must be completed, this can either be done at the care home or beforehand as long as you bring evidence.

Each resident can still nominate a essential care giver who can enter even in event of an outbreak.

Visits still must be booked beforehand.

PPE must be worn.

Duration of visits is not limited.

At present we are still only can have two visitors in at the same time, unless circumstances change like end of life care is needed. This is so we can manage how many people are coming in and out of Rosevilla. As we also have professionals coming in to see residents once more.

We hope that makes it a little clearer any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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